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Pure Natura is an innovative startup company in Iceland.

Pure Natura produces encapsulated whole food supplement from desiccated glands, organs and wild herbs - an additional nutrition for people who want to take advantage of the nutrients found in nature.

Pure Natura - Freeze dried organ supplements
Pure Natura - Desiccated whole food supplements
Pure Natura - Freeze dried organ supplements

Let food be thy medicine - and medicine be thy food

-Hippocrates, father of modern day medicine

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Our Team

Hildur Magnusdottir

Founder and manager Hildur Magnusdottir M.Sc. in Finance and International Business from…

Runa Kristin Sigurdardottir

VP of sales- and marketing graduated from Aalborg University in Denmark with a…

Sigridur Ævarsdottir

VP of product development is an educated homeopath from College of Practical Homeopathy in…