Our Mission

Pure Natura is dedicated to help improve health by producing the purest functional foods and organ supplements available worldwide.


Our values are purity, quality, safety and professionalism.

To secure safety for our customers and make sure they get only the best quality products. We carefully select the organs and glands for our products, so that they always come from the purest 100% grass fed lambs raised without pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and GMO´s.

For the same reason Pure Natura only uses high quality wild crafted herbs that grow in the unspoiled Icelandic nature and therefore are free from added toxins or fertilizer.

We strive to develop our products based on the latest knowledge in the field of nutrition and technology. At the same time we build on the foundation of our ancestors in the use of traditional foods.


Our vision is to become recognized as a provider of the purest, highest quality functional foods and organ supplement available on the market by:
• Using only high standard, purest raw materials for our products
• Aiming for optimal health through quality nutrition
• Supporting sustainable food production
• Using the leading technology systems and quality control at all times
• Providing excellent customer care