Pure Liver


Pure Liver – Liver Support

Pure Liver is an excellent blend aimed to support your liver's health through nutrition and healing herbs. It is an easily digested food-based natural supplement containing Icelandic lamb liver and handpicked wild angelica seeds, dandelion root and birch leaves. Those ingredients offer abundance of nutrients and support for your liver. The healing herbs are selected due to their quality and history of beneficial effects to the liver. In addition, vitamin B12, vitamin A and angelica seeds contribute to the normal function of the immune system. This product is for consumers who want to support their liver on a daily basis and after too much consumption of heavy food, drugs, alcohol, etc.

Pure Liver contains: Icelandic lamb liver, Arch angelica seeds, Dandelion root and Birch

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Pure Liver is a mixture of lamb liver and wild herbs. It contains a little less liver than Pure Nutrition, yet sufficient amount for the consumer to benefit from all it´s good nutrients. In addition to that, the consumer receives the cleansing, detoxifying, immune-strengthening and anti-inflammatory & edema-releasing effects of the herbs. It is particularly popular by women, though nothing speaks against men benefiting from it also. Due to its effects, this mixture is the favorite one amongst our female employees. Nutrition and organ support for the liver.

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