Superfoods – Thought of the day

Superfoods are foods that are low in calories and have extra-large doses of vitamins and minerals, that assist us in warding off disease and live longer, healthier lives. Unlike dietary supplements or vitamins taken in isolation, they provide many nutrients that support each other and thus prevent imbalances that may occur when isolated vitamins are taken. Some of the nutrients that superfoods contain include antioxidants, healthy fats, fiber or phytochemicals.
For those who have bad food-habits, a daily supply of well chosen superfoods can make all the difference .  For the others, with “normal” western food-habits, the consumption of superfoods is also beneficial, since it includes many nutrients they may not get much of in their regular diet.

Still there are things to consider. The first one is that even though the food itself might be healthful the processing might not be. Another might be that when food is labeled as superfood it doesn’t mean one should restrict ones diet to it. People often tend to adopt an all or nothing philosophy to nutrition, but the key is to eat, yes as many superfoods as possible but also have a variety in your menu. There is of course thankfully abundant of food on the marked that have high nutritional value even though they’re not called “super”. For that matter, all unprocessed food from the major food groups could be considered “super” and all are useful as part of a balanced diet.
That said, we want to tell you a about Pure Natura’s plan.

New products from Pure Natura with Superfoods

Starting this autumn we will be producing products using glands and organs derived from 100% grass fed, free roaming Icelandic lambs in a mixture with Icelandic herbs and vegetables. We will also produce supplements derived only from Icelandic herbs and vegetables, suitable for vegetarians and those who want to increase their intake of such food in a convenient way. They can be taken separately or together with our gland & organ supplements.
We’ve chosen the raw materials carefully with regards to nutritional value and health benefits, the process is done in such a way that the precious ingredients won’t be damaged thus maximizing the body’s chance of making use of it.

This will bring our customers high quality supplements – made from various superfoods.
We will be sharing information on our products and our company as it evolves. We will also be sharing with you information on topics related to our mission that we sincerely hope you find beneficial and interesting. We hope you will company us on our journey by following us on facebook, check our webpage and please inform others about us.

We’re eager to share with you our vision and belief in the gifts nature has given us.

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