Angelica is known for its many purposes; it’s an old medicinal plant, food and a spice. The plant is also known under the name Angel´s herb. It is cultivated in many gardens worldwide, but grows wild in Russia, Scandinavia, Greenland and in Iceland. In Iceland the Vikings are suspected to have brought the plant with them when they settled the Island and there it has become well known and respected for its elements. It used to be one of the most important medicinal herbs in northern Europe and in Iceland it was considered so valuable that there used to be heavy penalties for stealing it from someone’s garden. In addition to being a medicinal herb the Angelica was considered an important food in the Nordic countries and the UK.
Pure Natura collecting Angelica
The whole plant can be used; roots, stem, branches, leaves and seeds. In our product we use the seeds. Recent research conducted at the University of Iceland has shown that Angelica contains substances that act on bacteria, viruses, fungi and even cancer cells, and that it contains compounds that appear to stimulate the immune system. In the same research the effectiveness of the Icelandic herb was compared with similar plants grown further south. The Icelandic herbs proved to be much more potent than their foreign counterparts.

The whole plant is particularly beneficial for those who are recovering from an illness as it helps regain endurance and power. It is used by people with digestive disorders and respiratory complications and those suffering from liver problems.
Angelica has been used as flavoring in the production of liqueur (Chartreuse and Benedictine) and Vermouth and Dubonnet. It is also used as food and as a fresh herb on meat and fish. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Angelica consumption (Generally Regarded as Safe).

Our product DETOX contains Angelica due to its positive effects on the liver and the immune system.

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