Selenium – A small substance/mineral with a big role

Health and Selenium Selenium is one of the so-called trace elements (or trace minerals), bearing that name because of how little the body needs of them. Despite this, these minerals are so important and play such a vital role in wellness. that if there is a shortage of them, it causes greater or lesser health disorders. Hence trace elements are classified as essential. Selenium, in its small size is such […]

Sports nutrition for women – Supplements

Nutrition for women The market for sports nutrition supplements is rapidly expanding. It has evolved from being aimed at athletes and bodybuilders to a wider group of people and includes health-conscious consumers in general. This is due to a vast amount of fitness and healthy living trends that have emerged via social media platforms in recent years. Growing popularity of fitness and health, organic foods, dietary supplements and various other […]

Astaxanthin – the most powerful natural antioxidant

Astaxanthin benefits

Natural Astaxanthin is found in various microorganisms such as algae and in marine animals; shrimp, lobster, salmon and more. Mammals are not capable of producing astaxanthin but can obtain it by eating the animals containing it and the algae that produce it. Astaxanthin is a fat-soluble pigment, dark red in color and belongs to a group of chemicals called carotenoids. It gives red and pink color to the shell of […]

Adaptogen herbs

In the Pure Natura product line we have some herbs and plants that fall within the definition of being called an adaptogen. The best known is Rhodiola Rosea but garlic and maybe even chervil and rosmarin can also be classified as one and can be found in our products. In the following blog we use parts from an article written by Rosemary Gladster on these amazing herbst. There you´ll learn […]

Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) – An ordinary plant with extraordinary properties

The stinging nettle is a plant with a long history of use. For thousands of years, it´s been used as food, for weaving cloth and making paper. The plant contains fibres similar to industrial hemp and flax. These fibres are hollow inside and provide natural insulation that makes the garments warm. During the First World War, the German military used stinging nettles in their soldiers’ uniforms. However, the nettle is […]

Senior nutrition

Senior nutrition

Malnutrition is it called when the body does not get enough nutrients from the food consumed to function properly. Nutrients are fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. These substances give the body energy, help it grow and promote tissue maintenance. They also play a role in the bodies functions, such as breathing and heartbeat. As our population ages, malnutrition becomes a growing concern. Good nutrition is very important for all […]

Liver, toxins and detoxification

It´s the time of year when people take on better habits, often related to improved lifestyle, diet, exercise etc. That is a good thing, though we can argue whether it should happen in periods or be an ongoing, regular behavior. Many people make New Year’s wows that include increased exercise and eating healthier or eating less. In recent decades western people have constantly been gaining weight and the Christmas month […]

Getting the most out of using our Pure Natura supplements

We would like to point out that by rotating our supplements you are more likely to get the most benefits out of taking them in the long run, than by always taking the same supplement. Pure Natura products are made from real food and we know that it is important to eat a variety of different sorts when it comes to food. In the products, you will find different ingredients […]

Native breeds-The Icelandic lamb

Native breeds Animal breeds are defined as native or local when their characteristics are tied to the climate, geographical and socio-economic conditions of the land in which they have developed or to which they have adapted over time. Half of the breeds found in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century are now extinct, and a third of those remaining are at risk of extinction in the next twenty […]

Making Sense of the Clean Label Concept

Over the past few years, consumers have been looking more and more for products with cleaner label. Health-conscious consumers want to know what they put into their bodies and it can be said that clean label is the new norm when it comes to food and beverage products. 73% of consumers are willing to pay extra for such ingredients and in year 2017 Clean label represented 33% of the total […]