More than half of the adult population in America takes some kind of dietary supplements and in recent years there has been continuous increase in their use worldwide. People try to make up for poor diet and lack of wellness with various kinds of supplements, but is it working and is it making people healthier? If one looks at the steady rise of chronic diseases, it doesn´t appear to be the case. But how can that be?

Vast majority of all vitamin supplements on the market are products who are artificially prepared chemical substances, in the form of synthetic, isolated nutritional ingredients. Your body has difficulties making use of them and there lays at least part of the problem!
A recent study has shown that many of them are defect and either don´t include what is said on the label or even worse; include dangerous chemicals and toxins that, among other things come from harsh processing methods.

You see, your body is developed to work with real-food and most of the supplements on the marked are non-food supplements. The nutrients in real food are always blended together in a specific way, for every nutrient needs all the other parts that are naturally present in the food for it to work properly in the body. Why would it be any different for supplements such as vitamins? The answer: It seems that it isn´t.

If you are one of those many, who spend money on supplements, you may want to reconsider your choice. Have a look at what Pure Natura is doing differently and what makes its supplements unique.


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