Summer at Pure Natura
In the last few weeks, we at Pure Natura have worked hard in collecting herbs for next year’s production. Due to this, we’ve had limited time for blogging, but here’s a brief update of what we’ve been up to lately.

Exciting New Products Coming Soon
Last winter was unusually mild and all vegetation began earlier than usually. Its growth has been fast and all herbs are roughly 3-4 weeks earlier than normally. This means that, to get the best ingredients, we need to work quickly and efficiently to catch the herbs at the time when they are most potent. We have now managed to gather almost the desired quantity of birch, chamomile and dandelion leaves and the yarrow is almost ready for collection. While we have been busy working with the herbs, the lambs that roam free in the Icelandic highlands, grow almost to adult size in 3-4 months. They will certainly be in good condition next fall, making their meat one of the world’s best available raw material for our products. That, combined with the potent herbs, make material for high quality whole food supplements that we always aim to produce.

New Additions to our Line of Products
We are proud to announce two new products, which we are adding to our line of products, launched early next year; Pure Man and Pure Harmony. This summer we’ve also been collecting number of new herbs, i.e. Angelica leaves, Icelandic moss, wild thyme, dandelion leaves, sweet Cecily and stinging nettle roots. Those herbs, along with super food from our clean arctic ocean and lamb offal, will be the ingredients in our new products.

Growing International Interest
Our products are getting well known domestically. They are available in various shops around Iceland, e.g. in health shops and Pure Food Hall in Keflavik airport. Tourist traveling through the airport, from all over the world, have shown Pure Natura’s products interest. Health-minded/concerned people show growing interest, and two distributors, experienced in this field, have shown interest in distributing our products in the United States of America. We have also received inquiries from international health consultants, requesting co-operation, as soon as all required import permits are received. Those matters are now in full progress.

The journey we are going through is very demanding and tough, therefore this positive exposure is very valuable for us. It gives us courage and enthusiasm to continue with our start-up company. Hence, all companies started as an idea on someone’s drawing board, as was Pure Nature originally. That keeps us going on strong! ☺

Pure Natura is now facing the task of scaling up the production, to enter into the US market. That is why we are looking for investors and interested people to invest in our company. We hereby send that wish out to all of you lovely people and to the cosmos. Those interested please contact us through our website

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