We would like to point out that by rotating our supplements you are more likely to get the most benefits out of taking them in the long run, than by always taking the same supplement.

Pure Natura products are made from real food and we know that it is important to eat a variety of different sorts when it comes to food. In the products, you will find different ingredients and with increased diversity of Pure Natura supplements consumed you will open the door for more nutrients and plant phytochemicals. In addition to that, it also has a beneficial effect on the gut microbiome. If consumed too often or for a too long period of time, the activity of many herbal supplements can be reduced, but by rotating the intake one can avoid that from happening. By regularly changing the supplements, there is also less risk of accumulation of certain substances.
It may be a good idea to focus on some special issue and give it certain time for example 3 months and then shift focus and concentrate on something else and supplement according to that. One suggestion could be using a few weeks period to focus on purification, metabolism and good nutrition associated with that (Pure Liver). During the next period, the focus could be on the heart and cardiovascular health (Pure Heart). The third period the nervous system, stamina, and the energy would be the focus (Pure Power) and during the fourth period, the focus would be on general nutritional structure/status (Pure Nutrition). After that one can return to the starting point and begin the cycle again, continuing the same way as before and rotate regularly.
It has also proved to be a success for many to compile two types; e.g. Pure Heart with Pure Nutrition or Pure Power with Pure Liver.
Using the supplements this way, the consumer achieves maximum effects resulting in increased energy and general well-being.

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