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Live raw food contains biophoton, which your body needs just as much as nutrients, e.g. vitamins and minerals.

Biophotons are low frequency of light, which all live cells in plants, animals and human beings emit. It is not visible to the naked eye, but can be detected and measured with special devices. Plants use the energy of the sunlight to create food that we can eat and scientists have just recently realized that human also need this light for maintenance, no less than vitamins and minerals. Some scientists even state that the amount of light the body consumes is more important to the quality of the food than the nutrient content itself.

The body consumes biophotons through the skin and partly through consumed live plants and herbs. It absorbs the light and processes it into it’s system.
It is assumed that the higher amount of light the cell emits, the more powerful it is, as well as the ability to transfer the energy to the consumer.
The more light food is capable to hold, the more nutritious it is, and the storage capacity of accumulated light source is therefore a measurement for the quality of food.

Pool of light
Scientists who have been investigating this, have realised that the food which contains most biophotons are wild herbs and plants. Cooked and radiated food and synthetic multivitamins do not measure any such light.
When choosing raw material for Pure Natura’s products, this information is one of key points for selecting. The herbs and plants used in our products grow wild in Icelandic nature and the glands and organs used, come from lambs raised on these same plants in the wild, clean nature.
When all is put together, our believes and experience that the Pure Natura’s supplements, originated in this pool of light, are so special, so clean and so full of energy giving particles, that it makes them quiet unique and very effective.

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