Some people are blessed with a lot of energy and endurance, while others have little or no energy to face daily challenges, no matter how often they rest. Wholesome food contributes to general well-being and gives energy, while unhealthy food, with poor nutrition causes the opposite, discomfort and loss of energy. Liver is unique in terms of the amount and variety of nutrients it includes, containing between 10 and 100-fold more nutrients than the muscle meat from the same animal. It can certainly be labelled as super-food, being a unique source of vitamin A, all the B-vitamins, Heme-iron, minerals and trace minerals, protein and more – all in synergy with one another.

Some nutrients, found extensively in liver, play a key role in maintaining energy. They promote normal metabolism, support thyroid function and utilization of thyroid hormones and adequate blood oxygen levels. These nutrients are: Vitamin A, Vitamin B-12 & B6, iron, copper, zinc and selenium.

The thyroid gland is responsible for the production of hormones that control metabolism and energy. One of the things needed for that is vitamin A, which can be found in an abundance in liver.
Without vitamin A, the body’s ability to produce the hormone TSH (which regulates thyroid function) is limited and the body cannot utilize thyroid hormone, even though there is enough of it in the blood.

Lack of thyroid function has a profound effect on physical and mental well-being. It interferes with the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, including the B-vitamins – often referred to as “the energy vitamins”.

B12 vitamin plays a key role in metabolism and assists the body in converting carbohydrates to glucose, which is then burned to produce energy. Shortage of B12 appears as lack of energy and fatigue. Vitamin B6 is essential for the metabolism of proteins and the production of hemoglobin. Lack presents as anemia similar to the anemia caused by Iron deficiency, with symptoms of fatigue and lack of stamina. B6 also stimulates the thyroid gland and reduces appetite. Various drugs, such as contraceptive pills, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and others erase these vitamins from the body. Therefor people need to make sure to get a sufficient amount of them through food.

The trace elements of copper, zinc and selenium, all found in liver, play a role in thyroid hormone metabolism. Lacking any of them may be a contributing factor in people with symptoms of under active thyroid.
Iron deficiency and anemia is a condition that occurs when there is insufficient amount of iron in the blood to produce hemoglobin. Hemoglobin enables the red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body. Iron deficiency anemia can be caused by insufficient amounts of iron in the food, if the body is unable to utilize it and make use of it, during pregnancy or because of a blood loss. But whatever the reason, iron deficiency can cause severe fatigue. Heme Iron is a form of iron, found only in animal proteins in our diets and is more easily absorbed than non heme iron found in plant-based foods. Liver is a very good source of easily digestible heme iron.

From what has been written above, it’s clear that liver contains the key nutrients known for having good effects on energy, in the form of which the body can easily work with.

Still, there is one single factor that we have not mentioned – the „antifatigue factor”. In a rat study carried out in 1951, there was clearly a significant difference in endurance and the energy of rats fed with liver, compared to others who were not fed liver. It may be possible that this antifatigue factor is in fact the synergy of all the known and unknown nutrients in liver, but it is not yet known. Or it may be something still to be discovered. At least, this factor seems to be present and is the reason liver is highly sought after by athletes and physical fitness professionals – for extra boost of stamina and energy.

Our supplements Nutrition (lamb liver), Detox (lamb liver, angelica seeds, birch leaves and dandelion root) and Power (lamb liver, lamb hearts, arctic root and garlic) all have liver as one of their ingredients. DETOX has especially been recommended by many that suffer from hypothyroidism.

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