Pure Natura is working with “the sheep farmers association of Iceland” and “Icelandic lamb marketing board” to get the message of the purity of the Icelandic lamb, across to consumers. That is very appropriate since the main ingredients of our supplements is organ meat from lamb that comes as a side-product when breeding lamb for human consumption. Our production started with utilizing lamb hearts and lamb liver as main ingredients for our supplements but we are no researching other byproducts from lamb in hope of being able to make use of even more side-products, that otherwise is used as animal fed or wasted.

On a global scale, the raw materials from the Icelandic lamb that we use are absolutely unique. Here we´re referring to the purity of the Icelandic nature – soil, water, and air, as well as the herbs, berries, and grass that the lamb feeds on during its lifetime. The lambs life-conditions are also unique; they live as humanely and have an as normal life for their species as possible, roaming free in the highlands of Iceland. They are not locked up in stables or feed locks nor are they fenced in on pastures with hundreds of others alike, with associated danger of parasitic infection, medication, and stress.

In the year 2016, the Icelandic lamb marketing board applied for protection of the product name “Icelandic lamb” and now in January 2018, the Icelandic Food and veterinary authority approved such a listing. Icelandic lamb is there for the first protected product name in Iceland. The Market marketing board has also made a special logo to use for the marketing of Icelandic lamb meat. “The new logo emphasizes the unspoiled countryside where lambs roam free from birth in the spring to the autumn round-up, making nature itself one of the Icelandic lambs major attributes.”*

A picture of the logo is included in the article, and the text says: Icelandic lamb – Roaming free since 874.

We are very proud to be part of the necessary work of promoting lamb as a quality food and to be allowed to apply the logo to our supplements. Products that we ship to markets abroad bear the Icelandic lamb logo as well as a small brochure where information on the meat is highlighted. It is a label of the Icelandic origin of the supplement and a validation of the living conditions of lambs in Iceland – who are very different from what most animals used for meat production experience. It can be assured that Icelandic lamb meat is one of the purest meat products in the world as the lamb can almost be classified as a wild game. Lambs for human consumption are not fed any hay, corn or GMO-fodder. In fact, it is forbidden to use GMO to feed sheep in Iceland. Their lifespan is short – approximately 4 months, from spring to autumn. The growing season is very fast because of the high quality of feed they eat. For more than 1100 years – or since the Vikings settled in Iceland, sheep farming has been practiced in this way here in Iceland.

If you are interested, have a look at this video were sheep are rounded-up in Iceland in the fall after a very nice summer in the mountains: This is the way it has been done for over thousand years and still is -a traditional and cultural adventure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whU2RloRHEg


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