It´s the time of year when people take on better habits, often related to improved lifestyle, diet, exercise etc. That is a good thing, though we can argue whether it should happen in periods or be an ongoing, regular behavior. Many people make New Year’s wows that include increased exercise and eating healthier or eating less. In recent decades western people have constantly been gaining weight and the Christmas month with associated consumption does not seem to do other than to add to that condition. When the new year finally arrives, many have become somewhat overdue and have begun desiring lighter food, lighter mood, and lighter body. With that in mind, they go searching for a solution and come up with all kinds of fitness courses, special diets, and other options.

Liver fatigue

When people have arrived at this point, there is one organ above others that need to be taken into consideration and special care. That is the liver. It´s the organ that struggles the most when we eat and drink excessively. The liver is a very important organ to maintain good health and has over 500 known functions. Perhaps the most important function is to detoxify the myrad toxins that assault the body daily. These are toxins that either enter the body or are natural „by-products“ of normal body processes. The liver needs to put these toxins in a form that allows the body to get rid of them through other cleansing organs, skin, kidneys and intestines. When the load on the liver increases (e.g., with a high intake of heavy foods, alcoholic beverages, sugar, drugs, etc.), its activity will become slower and the ability to do this work efficiently decreases. If the burden becomes greater than the liver manages to cope with, persistent health problems may occur. People then develop some rather unpleasant symptoms, e.g. increased fatigue, headaches, skin problems, joint pains, digestive disorders, lack of concentration and memory loss, fat accumulation, irritability and many more. It is therefore impossible to take action after the Christmas season, without including some kind of liver support. By supporting and strengthening the liver, it can better perform its work and detoxify the body, accelerate metabolism and work with its owner towards improved health and well-being.

Toxins and detoxification

The liver carries out the detoxification process which roughly takes place in two steps. For it to happen, certain nutrients are needed for each step. By ensuring that none of the needed nutrients are missing, by drinking adequate water and purifying tea, exercising, sweating and by avoiding the consumption of undesirable food, one helps the liver and the body to relieve the accumulation of toxins and excrete them. By doing so the energy is increased, fat accumulation decreases and both physical and mental condition improves. The substances necessary for the 1. stage of the detoxification process are B-vitamins (B2, B3, B6, Folin, and B12), the antioxidant Glutathione, liver supporting herbs such as milk thistle or dandelion, carotenoids (phytochemicals – red, yellow and orange with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties ), Vitamin P (Flavored Antioxidants), Vitamin A, E and C. For the 2.stage , the amino acids glutamine, glycine, taurine and cysteine are needed as well as certain plant materials (sulphurated phytochemicals) that can be found in garlic and cruciferous vegetables.

DETOX from Pure Natura– Natures gifts

In the Pure Natura supplement range, you will find an excellent supplement for the liver, called DETOX.  It is a very popular supplement and was the 19th place of the most popular products of 2018 in the biggest health food store chain Heilsuhúsið in Iceland. This blend is made from Icelandic lamb liver and carefully selected Icelandic wild grown herbs for the liver.

The DETOX supplement contains everything needed for the 1st step detoxification process and all the necessary amino acids for the 2nd step. Several nutrients found in large amounts in lamb liver also play a key role in maintaining energy. They promote normal metabolism, support thyroid function, and utilization of thyroid hormone and adequate blood oxygen levels. See here.  DETOX is essential for those who want to start the new year with cleansing and strengthening after the stress of the past few weeks. In addition, DETOX formula is great for those aiming at supporting general liver function and good metabolism on daily basis, no less than temporarily, short term use, after consuming unwanted diet, drugs, alcohol etc. DETOX is suitable for people on Paleo, low-carb and Ketogenic diets
It has also been used with great satisfaction by those who eat mostly plant-based diets but need or want to add to it the most nutritious part of the animal, without having to taste, smell or cook it. The supplement is loaded with Vitamin B12 and iron in an easily digestible form. These two nutrients are often difficult to get enough of from plant-based diets.







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