There are many different theories on how glands and organs work.
If we concentrate on the glandular tissues primarily, then we know that they are rich in nutrients, inc. vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, polypeptides, enzymes and many other substances.

Like supports like

“Some of the pioneers in nutrition believed that raw glandular tissues contain intrinsic protein factors which are separate from, but synergistic with the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, co-enzymes, and fatty acids contained therein.  These specific protein factors are organ — or  tissue — specific.  This means that the raw cellular material of a bovine kidney, for example, will be picked up from the lymph of the human kidney when ingested.  These tissue-specific particles apparently “target” other cooperative and essential nutrients to the gland or organ for repair and maintenance. ” See reference: 

Many researches have been done to prove the effectiveness of glandulars. “In 1967 and 1972, Dr. A. Kment of Germany demonstrated (through radioactive isotope tracing) that the bloodstream transports specific factors from glandular tissues and absorbed by the corresponding glands of the patient.  This radioactive isotope confirmation of organ specificity was also demonstrated by Stein (1967) and several years later again by Starzyl (1979).” See reference:

Some researchers even believe that in order for the glands to be useful to the consumer they need to be digested and that is why oral consumption works best.

Glandulars used by medical docors

Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries glands and organs were used by medical doctors. In the mid 20th century pharmaceuticals began producing hormones in laboratories to replace glandulars as they claimed them to work better that glandular extracts. This production was very profitable and the stakes were high to eliminate all competition. There was propaganda against the use of glandular therapies and subsequently most doctors, using western medicine stopped using glandulars. It is however still one of the cornerstones of eastern medicine.

Recent interest

In the century the interest in using glands and organs has been reawakened in USA, Europe and many other countries. Today there is a thriving market for glandular supplements amongst conscious consumers and those who lean towards natural preventative ways to health.

Glands that are used are most often derived from pig (porcine), cow (bovine) or sheep (ovine). They are both sold as only glands or as a combination of other glands or herbs.

Pure Natura´s products from glands and organs are made with high quality ingredients from only 100% grass fed Icelandic lambs, raised without pesticides, hormones or antibiotics. Some of our products also include wild crafted Icelandic herbs.

More research on this topic can be found here:

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