Viðskiptablaðið 6.okt 2020

On February 20th 2015, Hildur Thora Magnusdottir on behalf of Pure Natura was honoured the first price, along with another pioneer in a competition held by the Innovation Center in Iceland, Skagafjordur and Kaupfelag Skagfirdinga. The competition was called Ræsing. Pure Natura’s product Pure Thyroid was among 24 projects which participated in the competition, but three were chosen for further development. 900,000 ISK was donated to both pioneers in the first place.

Interview on newssite 7. july 2017 (icelandic only):

Nomination from Iceland for the Scandinavian Embla food awards in the category “Food Pioneer”

Interview on news site because of the Embla nomination (icelandic only):

Interview in Icelandic magazine Vikan, march 2017 (icelandic only):

Interview in the farmers journal Bændablaðið, february 2017 (icelandic only):

Interview on news site Kjarninn, january 2017 (icelandic only):

Interview and sneak peek in our factory by TV station N4 in February 2017 (Icelandic only):

Auðlindatorgið / Center of natural resources, by the Environmental Agency of Iceland (Icelandic only):



Interview in the local newspaper Feykir (icelandic only):

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