Duo gift set – two selected products from Pure Natura


Choose a set of products from Pure Natura and have them delivered in a gift packaging. A thoughtful gift for those interested in quality whole food nutrition.

All products from Pure Natura are produced and packed in Iceland, made from Icelandic ingredients with herbs hand-picked in their peak in Icelandic nature.

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This food supplement duo contains two of our products which you can select and get delivered in a gift case. A unique gift for those who are interested in whole food nutrition.

DETOX is an excellent blend aimed to support your liver’s health through nutrition and healing herbs. It is an easily digested food-based natural supplement containing Icelandic lamb liver and handpicked wild angelica seeds, dandelion root, and birch leaves. Those ingredients offer an abundance of nutrients and support for your liver. The healing herbs are selected due to their quality and history of beneficial effects on the liver.

BALANCE is a unique blend, which combines nutritional and herbal support for optimal heart function. It is made from Icelandic lamb hearts and wild handpicked yarrow, birch leaves, arctic root, and chamomile. Those healing herbs are selected due to their quality and history of beneficial effects for your heart.

LIVER is made from Icelandic lamb liver, which is an outstanding natural source of many of the most important vitamins you need. It contains large quantities of B vitamins, which are essential for normal metabolism and energy production and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Pure Nutrition is rich of vitamin A, that promotes normal iron metabolism, healthy skin, and normal vision.

POWER is an exclusive blend of organs, glands, and handpicked herbs. A true nutritional powerhouse from Mother Earth. It provides the ingredients which are lacking from most of today’s diet.

All products in the food supplement duo from Pure Natura are made from Icelandic ingredients; freeze dried glands and wild hand-picked herbs from the Icelandic nature.

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