For those of you that don’t know our LIVER capsules from Icelandic lamb liver include many of the essential nutrients we need for our health and in good dosages as the lamb liver comes in capsules in a very concentrated form. Two capsules of LIVER provides you with 350-400 gr. broccoli worth of vitamin A, 300 gr. cooked lentils worth of vitamin B1, as much vitamin B2 as 500 gr. of almonds provide, the same amount of Niacin as you would get from 700 gr. of green peas, similar amount of vitamin B6 as 200 gr. of pistachio nuts give, Folate corresponding to that what you would obtain from 500 gr. of spinach, vitamin B12 in an amount that you would get from just over 1 kg. of sardines, vitamin C like 2 apples provide and iron in an easily absorbable form that exceeds that of about 500 gr. of tofu. Omega 3 fatty acids in double the amount that one gets from cream and, in addition to all this, there are many other non-listed nutrients in the Pure Natura´s capsules.

Therefore the whole food supplement LIVER, is great for those who want to eat healthily, but do not always accomplish that, and need a simple way to make up for it. Also for those who lack comprehensive nutrition from real food. Suitable for children and adolescents who are growing and developing, seniors and people with poor nutrient absorption or lack of appetite, those who are recovering from illnesses or suffering from anemia and iron deficiency.

Contains pure Icelandic freeze-dried lamb liver in capsules.

Information from the ISGEM-database:

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