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Pure Natura - Senior nutrition

Malnutrition is it called when the body does not get enough nutrients from the food consumed to function properly. Nutrients are fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. These substances give the body energy, help it grow and promote tissue maintenance. They also play a role in the bodies functions, such as breathing and heartbeat.

As our population ages, malnutrition becomes a growing concern. Good nutrition is very important for all older people, but especially those who are ill or have been diagnosed with chronic disease or dementia. According to dietary recommendations for the elderly, published by the Office of the Director of Health in Iceland, these individuals have increased protein requirements, lower energy requirements but the same need for vitamins and minerals as other adult individuals. According to the official recommendation all the weak or sick older people should get a nutritious and protein-rich diet. That is a diet where every mouthful of food provides a generous amount of energy, protein and other nutrients.

Malnutrition in seniors can lead to various health problems and increase their visits to the doctor’s office, hospitals and even emergency rooms. Elderly people with malnutrition also have more difficulties recovering after surgeries or other operations.

Malnutrition can be difficult to detect in an elderly person but the symptoms are many as can be seen below:

• Abnormal weight loss
• Fatigue and lack of energy
• Depression
• Problems with memory
• Anemia
• Weak immune system – increased risk of infection and problems fighting off infections
• Poor wound healing
• Muscle weakness and bone loss, which increases the risk of falls and fractures
• Increased risk of hospitalization

The causes of malnutrition are also many, for example, illnesses that reduce appetite or cause difficulties with food intake, medications, depression, poverty, physical or mental inability to feed, alcoholism, depression, social isolation, etc. In addition, malnutrition can lead to further lack of interest in food or diminished appetite – making the problem even worse.

Early detection and treatment of nutritional problems, leading to malnutrition, can certainly improve health and independency as well as the quality of life and longevity of older people. When you search for products and food that are of assistance, our Pure Natura products come in strong. They contain high amount of good and easily absorbable nutrients in a concentrated form. As can be seen on the webpage www.purenatura.is there are several different types. If you are looking only for a good supplement addition to normal food, the product with the yellow label is the one that is most suitable for elder people. It contains pure freeze-dried ground encapsulate Icelandic lamb liver. Liver is a real super food and contains a large amount of all B vitamins including vitamin B12, which is often lacking in the elderly, heme iron, antioxidants, fatty acids, proteins, minerals and trace elements.

Pure Natura is a natural food supplement, excellent for those lacking appetite or being malnourished for some other reason. Pure Natura Liver builds a strong foundation of nutrients through only 2 capsules per day.


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