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Pure Natura - Your skin, hair and nails

Youthful and Radiant Skin and Hair
When we started developing our production, we examined the material very well; it was obvious we had something very good in our hands. The Icelandic lamb organ meat is unique, both in terms of nutritional value and specially in purity. The wild harvested herbs that we use are no less powerful. Today we have found out that our products excel our expectation. When our consumers have been giving us feedback; they talk about general well-being, increased energy and endurance, afternoon napping is no longer needed, decreased symptoms of arthritis and eczema, and one customer’s symptoms of irregular heartbeat, subsided. Some of our most loyal customers, which have been with us from the beginning, have mentioned that they have noticed positive effects on their skin, i.e. it has become more elastic, wrinkles have reduced and are more youthful then before they started to use Pure Natura’s products.
We are very happy to hear about these success stories and that’s why we want to take a better look at the raw materials and their ingredients to see what might be contributing to this positive change on the skin.

Beauty Comes from Within

There are many different factors that contribute to appearance and the quality of peoples’ skin. Undoubtedly, genetics play a part in many cases. Some people are able to treat their skin worse than others without causing harm or affecting the appearance. Others can’t handle eating small amount of sweets without their faces breaking out with pimples or eczema. Sweets aren’t the only factor, stress, age, accumulation of toxins in the body, bad diet, etc. play a huge role on the state of the body. In our beauty and youth-worshipping society, a great emphasis is put on good looks. People spend huge amounts of money to stay young, on facial treatments and beauty products. But what if what we eat or don’t eat matter more than what we put on the skin? What is it that our product include that have these positive effects? Let’s look closer:

The Wrinkle Destroyers

A good diet and clean water in sufficient quantity are necessary and affect the skin’s appearance and elasticity. Pure Natura’s whole food supplements are rich in nutrients, which are important for the skin to maintain its freshness and firmness, health and beauty, i.e. vitamin A, B and C, copper, zinc and the essential amino acid L-lysine.
Vitamin A: is known for its rejuvenating effects on the skin, giving it a beautiful glow and keeps it smoother. It accelerates skin cell regeneration and enhances skin protection and is therefore necessary for skin health; has, among other things good effect on the reduction of acne and to even skin tone. Lack of vitamin A can lead to dryness of the skin and hair loss. Liver contains the highest amount of vitamin A in an easily digestible form that can be obtained from one food source.
Vitamin B: has been proven good for the skin and the hair. One type of the B-vitamin, Biotin, is probably better known than the others for its good effect for beauty. It reduces premature aging characteristics of the skin caused by sunlight. Lack of Biotin may cause thinning of hair, peeling of the skin and fragile nails. Some studies suggest that, along with zinc, vitamin B can reduce hair loss. Lamb liver contains all B-vitamins to a large extent, in admixture with various other substances, e.g. zinc.
Vitamin C: has been widely used in cosmetics, as it enhances skin elasticity, is necessary for collagen synthesis, has antioxidant effects and is considered to protect the skin from the effects of ultraviolet radiation. Although some may find it incredible, vitamin C is found both in lamb livers and hearts.
Copper: Helps to produce collagen and elastin (elastic fiber glycoprotein found in tissues), as well as promote hyaluronic acid production (which maintains moisture, provides fullness and helps repair). Adequate hyaluronic acid in the skin means fewer lines and less sagging of the skin. Facial masks including copper are sometimes used to accelerate healing after laser treatments on the skin. Facial creams which contain copper are also considered to increase the rate of recovery and rejuvenation of the skin after facial treatments. Copper helps to maintain hair color and delay graying of the hair as it is responsible for pigment in hair, skin and eyes. Copper is found to a large extent in lamb liver and hearts.
Zinc: It is an essential mineral for cellular metabolism, the immune system and wound healing. It is effective for skin damage, acne treatment, psoriasis and dermatitis. Zinc is found in lamb hearts and liver.
The essential amino acid Lysine is one of the key elements in collagen and plays an important role in its production. Collagen contributes to the healthy structure of the skin. Lysine is additionally one of the building materials of hair and its intake may potentially affect hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Nice and Slow or a Bonus Worth Waiting for
In addition to the above mentioned nutrients, many other nutrients found in our supplements, are known to have good effect on the skin, e.g. vitamin E, selenium, Q10, iron and fatty acids. It is therefore clear that Pure Natura’s supplements contain a lot of powerful nutrients, with a wide range of health effects, including those for the skin. The interactions of these nutrients with each other and unmentioned ingredients found in our supplements, means that a variety of regeneration and reconstruction can be carried out simultaneously in the body – depending on what is put in priority.
It is our experience that it may take few weeks, even months before positive changes are clearly visible on your skin. Long before that, people may expect other positive effects such as increased energy and well-being. This is different between individuals though, depending on skin and body-condition as well as serving size. Be patient. With regular ingestion of this wonderful, all natural whole food supplement, the body is given high quality nutrition, that can be used to maintain and repair from within and out what is needed, including the hair and the skin. Undeniable that is a bonus worth wait for.


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