In our next blogs we will be discussing the main nutrients and vital vitamins that can be found in Pure Natura´s products, their purpose and in which product you can find what. The Vital vitamin trio: D – A & K2 is the subject of this post.

Organ meats have some of the highest concentrations of naturally occurring vitamin D of any food source. Liver is known to to be one of the most concentrated sources of vitamin A of any foods and vitamin K2 is primarily found in animal fats and fermented foods.

Vitamins A, D and K collaborate to protect our soft tissues from calcification, to nourish our bones and teeth, and to provide children with adequate growth. The best way to obtain these nutrients collectively is by consuming organ meats, cod liver oil, fatty fish, grass-fed animal fats, green and orange vegetables, and fermented plant foods. Obtaining a rich supply of these vitamins together allows each of them to carry out its biological functions safely and effectively.

Fat-soluble activators

Vitamin A, D and K  serve as catalysts for mineral absorption and without them, minerals cannot be used by your body, no matter how plentiful they may be in your diet.
Vitamin D
A great deal has been written on the importance of vitamin D and its list of benefits keeps growing with each passing year.   To mention some, vitamin D is required for mineral metabolism, healthy bones, optimal nervous system function, muscle tone, reproductive health, insulin production, and protection from depression and every type of chronic illness, from cancer to heart disease.
Vitamin A
Vitamin A is found in impressively abundant amount in organ meats from pastured animals. The type of vitamin A obtained from plants (carotene) is different than the animal-derived form. Vitamin A is a catalyst for multiple biochemical processes.  It is vital for prevention of birth defects, prevention of infection, hormone production, optimal thyroid function, good digestion, good vision, and healthy bones and blood. Without it, your body cannot utilize protein, minerals and water-soluble vitamins. Vitamin A is also an antioxidant that helps protect you from pollutants, free radicals, and cancer.  It is best to obtain your vitamin A from natural sources like yellow butter, egg yolks, and organ meats.
Vitamin K2
In recent years increased interest has been on vitamin K2. It´s role in blood clotting has been known for a long time, but it is still one of the most poorly understood nutrient by medical authorities and general public. What recent research indicates is that this vitamin is a very important nutrient to human health and that most people in western world have a K2 deficiency.
Today we know that vitamin K2 is a great enabler for vitamin A and D. This means that without it, one wouldn’t obtain all the benefits of the other two. It also an important enabler for calcium and thus helps calcium to get where it´s supposed to go in our bodies, bones and teeth and prevent it from depositing in locations where it does not belong.  Without K2, the transfer process of calcium from the arteries to bone cannot occur, which raises the risk of arterial calcification. Recent research also suggest that it prevents inflammation, is of great help to those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, may significantly reduce risk of prostate cancer, ensures healthy skin, promotes brain function and supports growth and development.

Vitamin K2 is produced by certain bacteria and its primary food source is fermented foods such as natto and certain types of cheeses such as Gouda and Brie. Unfortunately precise values for some other foods that are likely to be high in K2 (such as organ meats) are not available at this time because of how recently this vitamin has gained attention. The pancreas and salivary glands would be richest, reproductive organs, brain, cartilage and possible kidneys would also be very rich. Finally bones and bone marrow would be richer than muscle meat.

It is important to realize that all these nutrients are dependent on the animal having been raised and fed in a natural manner. This is also the reason why we at Pure Natura put emphasis on using only raw material from Icelandic lambs in our products, see here.

“The vital roles of these fat-soluble vitamins and the high levels found in the diets of healthy traditional people confirm the importance of pasture-feeding livestock. If domestic animals are not consuming green grass, vitamins A and K will be largely missing from their fat, organ meats, butterfat and egg yolks; if the animals are not raised in the sunlight, vitamin D will be largely missing from these foods.”  (The Weston A. Price Foundation)

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