We can all agree that when it comes to food, minimally processed whole food made from quality ingredients without pesticides, antibiotics or genetic modification is your best choice. But if you are going to supplement, it would be wise to use supplements that are made from these same ingredients. Ingredients your body recognizes and can make use of.

Icelandic herbs- handpicked by Pure Natura

– Why not switch to whole food supplements made from pure and well chosen concentrated real foods such as liver – who is a super food in itself – rather than use synthetic nutrients?
– Why not upgrade old food traditions and add to your diet, foods that your ancestors used on regular bases but has fallen out of favor in western society and is more or less missing in western diets today ?
– Why not make use of modern food production technology to supplement in a convenient and effective way with supplements that can best be described as powerhouse of nutrition ?

Pure Natura´s goal is produce the purest, highest quality whole food- and organ supplement available on the market by offering a variety of concentrated, carefully selected dried organs and glands from free roaming Icelandic lambs, in combination to wild handpicked Icelandic herbs.

Pure Natura produces encapsulated whole food supplement
from desiccated glands, organs and wild herbs
– an additional nutrition for people who want to
take advantage of the nutrients found in nature.

Pure Natura´s whole food supplements brings you the power of Icelandic nature
– ready to work for and with you

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